CSBC Newsletter Autumn 2018

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gathering of CSBC members with visiting Bishop

This seems to be the most appropriate way of describing the mood at large in the Community.
We seem to be moving ahead and have an energy that is refreshing.

Over the course of the past few years we have gone through a trough associated with the death and ageing of Members and Friends. We have grieved and still experience the inevitable sense of loss associated with the death of loved ones.
A work of healing is in progress and it is characterised by this sense of being refreshed; gathering our energies and striving toward that which lies ahead.


We gathered with our Bishop Visitor on Saturday morning March 3.
At the conclusion of the Eucharist conducted by our Chaplain Fr Simon (and after the obligatory Morning Tea- after all it was hours since breakie!) we sat around the table and shared with Bishop John.

The community sitting around an extended table at Nabos House

The role of the Bishop as Visitor has been summarised as protecting the Church from the Community; the Community from the Church and the members from one another!
In essence the Bishop as Visitor is the link with the Church and ensures that the Community behaves itself.

To carry out this role Bishop and Community need to get together and hear from each other.

Each of us gave a brief summary of what was of significance in our dispersed lives.

On Friday evening we had shared, around the same table and in fuller detail, what was happening for us.

Bishop John appreciated our sharing and pointed out that it is encouraging to share the minor things as well as the bigger stuff.

He stressed the encouragement of all gifts; prayerful discernment of being called to things that seem to be beyond our ability and stepping out In faith.

We were reminded that the Daily Office is shared with the cloud of witnesses. Is it possible to join with a Parish Priest or others in gathering to say the office?

The ministry of Jesus is one of distribution and not accumulation. ie: Go do it then report back!

Sr Sues two grandchildren
We offer all that we are and all that we have to be taken, broken and given to the world.

He suggests that raising the spiritual temperature will mean providing the circumstances, for those who do not know Christ, to come into that knowledge.

International News

Sr Sue Nirta’s daughter Lauren lives with husband Jason and their children Trejin and Sumi in South Korea. Sue was recently in South Korea and attended a Conference organised by Lauren.She spoke of the sadness expressed at the conference on the plague of youth suicide.

She also reports with great gladness on her own grandchildren:

Local News

Baby with beautiful big eyes

Back home in Adelaide Sue’s other daughter Kai and husband Adam have been busy baby making and are pleased to present to the world: Baby Lani:

little girl in white christening gownNot far away in Renown Park Sr Riccarda has sent us this photo of her beautiful grandchild Jade:

Sr Cheryl celebrated a birthday with Srs Sue and Pauline. Br Martyn joined in on Skype but did not get to taste the cake Sue had baked!

None of us took any photos so you just have to imagine the scene.

Ministry of Card Making

Sr Sandra making her cards
NabasArt is the creative child of Sr Sandra:

Here are some of the cards available from her.
A shell on a blue background
delicate pink flower
the eye of a galah

Ministry of Odds and Sods

vegetable garden at the side of a houseSr Bev beavering away in the far reaches of the Fleurieu Peninsula has a garden and she has supplied seeds to Br Martyn in upstate Wallaroo.

A wooden boat in the process of being builtThe result is a conversation piece amongst the local rubber necks.

And around the corner is The Ark waiting for a rising tide t o float it off!

Ministry of Generalities

Remember we have a web presence containing resources worthy of a look. Community of Saints Bsrnaabas and Cecilia.

NABAS House is available for retreats, quiet times or a visit to catch up with Sr Sandra. She would welcome your call:
0400 157 709

Or email srskscsbc@bigpond.com

Some sites that we use for our spiritual refreshment:
Center for Action and Contemplation
SLG Press

What is coming up

Novice Susan Coliero to be professed at the Vows Eucharist
Sunday June 10
St Albans Gladstone

Gathering and Eucharist
McLaren Vale
November 20th