Friends Newsletter Winter 2017

St Peter’s cathedral Evensong, Sunday 14th May 2017

Community of St Barnabas Celebrating 20 Years


Planning for the marking of 20 years since Bishop David McCall called Sr Jean and Sr Sandra into community had commenced at the January 2017 Chapter. What initially was to be an Evensong in St Alban’s Gladstone suddenly became a vision splendid in St Peter’s Cathedral. Our new Chaplain Fr Simon Bailey had contacts and set the ball rolling toward this event.

Between concept and celebration many life events occurred which affected the actual event.

Sr Jeanne had been experiencing health challenges which resolved in her death on May 2.

A Requiem Mass was held at Good Shepherd on May 11 celebrated by Fr Bill Goodes.

Jeanne’s family spoke movingly on the life of our Sister.

Br John has also been experiencing the challenges associated with advanced years but thanks be to his family he was able to join us for this significant anniversary.


Following the Evensong we adjourned to the Cynthia Poulton Hall for refreshments and fellowship. Sisters Sandra and Sue were able to show their latest publication, a photo collection from the past 20 years including a magnificent photo album.

We are grateful to Chris and Bill Goodes who are members of the Cathedral congregation and were of invaluable service in assisting with catering and clean up.

group photo of members of the community and Bishop John Stead

Peter Venhoek – It is with some sadness we heard that Peter, who was a Friend of the Community, had died. Peter had, for many years, been the webmaster for the original Diocesan Website. He was also a great photographer and used to ‘tell the story’ of diocesan events in photographs.

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