Over the Side – P.S.

Man surfboarding on the waves

One day
Peter took a friend,
out onto the Lake,
and a storm blew up.
As they struggled to stay afloat,
Jonah spied a figure
appearing and disappearing
behind the waves.
the figure would seem to fly,
and plunge down again
out of sight,
with a joyous ‘Wahoooo!’
carried to them on the wind.

“What in heaven’s name is that?!!”
cried Jonah.

said Peter,
“is Jesus,
skateboarding the waves
in bare feet.”

“Is that what he’s teaching you to do?”
said Jonah.

But I’m a bit of a klutz at it.
The first time I tried to even walk on water
I nearly drowned.
He had to haul me up
by the hair on my head
and deposit me
back into the boat,
sopping wet
and all embarrassed.”

“It looks like fun.
A lot better than being seasick
in the bottom of a little boat.”
said Jonah.

said Peter with a wistful sigh,
“It does, doesn’t it.”

Then, straightening his shoulders,
“But I haven’t given up.
I keep trying.
And one day……
some day……
with his help……”

©Rev’d. Sr. Sandra Sears CSBC
27 June 2019

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