We batter you with questions,
Some of them rhetorical,
as if you are our fall-guy, our patsy,
the one against whom we can demonstrate
our superior wit and intelligence.
After all, we already know the answers.But you remain silent.Some of us ask,
“What sign will you show us?”
What miracles will you perform?”
as if you are a dancing bear,
there to entertain
or give us all that we crave.But you remain silent.Some of us dare to look deeply
into your dark, sad eyes
and know that such questions
are meaningless,
superficial.Only keeping vigil with you
in your profound silence
will answer the real question
you ask of us:
“Who do you say I am?”
on which all other questions hang.

© Rev’d. Sr. Sandra Sears CSBC
18th September 2015

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