Retreat, renewal of vows, and profession June 8-10, 2018

Members of CSBC community
Front, L-R: Srs. Riccarda Favorito, Susan Coleiro, Katherine Thorpe, Pauline Treloar.
Back, L-R: Srs. Sue Nirta, Sandra Sears, Bro. Martyn Robinson, Fr. Simon Bailey (Chaplain),
Bp. John Stead, Sr. Cheryl Wiseman

Our retreat took place at Nabas House, Gladstone, over the weekend of June 8 to 10, and
led by our Chaplain, Fr. Simon Bailey. We were asked to reflect on the three vows of the
Community – Simplicity, chastity and obedience to the Bishop under God – and learned a great
deal from each other in our sharing.

Then on the Sunday we had the joy of welcoming a new member, Susan Coliero, into our
midst. Bp. John Stead received our vows, and Susan was professed and clothed, so it was a time
of great celebration. Three of our members were not able to attend (Srs. Sal Tatchel & Bev. Driver,
and Br. John Edwards) and were remembered during the service, as were those who had died
over the years during the intercessions (Srs. Jean Johnson & Jeanne Frost).
It was a great time of celebration, aided by a wonderful team of caterers from the local
church in their ministry to the interior who kept our bodies and souls together with some very
tasty food.
Sr. Sandra Sears CSBC