What Christmas is all about

(A Monologue)

Christmas lights decoration a house .
To be delivered in a ‘gushing’ manner

Hello Jesus.

We’re here to celebrate your birthday. Won’t that be fun?

Heavens! Just look at the state of this place! Oh no, this simply won’t do, not for such an important baby as yourself! We’ll have to sweep this floor and get rid of all this straw, and….oh dear!….animal pooh! But before that we have to get rid of these smelly beasts that made this mess in the first place. Shoo! Shoo! Out you go! This is a nursery! There’s no place for you here!

That’s better. Now, while my friends are tackling the floor, let’s see what we can do with the rest of the place.

Those cobwebs in the corners will definitely have to go. In fact the whole place needs a to be dusted and cleaned. A bit of elbow grease and this place just might be presentable. What do you think, Jesus?

It’s awfully dark in here, and we are here for a celebration – yes, your birthday, you sweet little thing! So I think we could drape lots of tinsel over the rails here, here and here, not forgetting the bows and bells, and a row of candles along the top rafters would cheer the place up no end.

Oh, and we mustn’t forget the Christmas tree! I always think the Christmas tree is a lovely tradition, don’t you? You’ll love the fairy lights and star at the top. Perhaps you could have a candy cane to suck on. That would be good, wouldn’t it? I won’t give you one of the baubles though. They’re quite fragile, and expensive, to boot. Wouldn’t want to break any, would we?

Isn’t it just magic, all this light and colour? I think we’re ready to party! And no Christmas party is complete without carol singers, so let’s invite them in. Nothing like a spot of carol singing to gladden the heart, don’t you think, Jesus?…….Jesus?……JESUS!?

Good heavens! He’s disappeared! Where could he be?

What do you mean, ‘out there’?! In the cold?! Playing with the animals?! Well I never! After all we’ve done to clean this place up and make it special for his birthday?!

There’s only one thing for it. We’ll just have to go ahead and celebrate without him. We can’t waste all this, can we?

And anyway, isn’t this what Christmas is all about?

© Rev’d. Sr. Sandra Sears CSBC
23 December 2017

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